Non-custodial and crypto-backed loans.

Get liquid assets.


Our goal is to make sure you control your own cryptos yourself.

Custodians may be a very suspicious option. You send your cryptos and the only thing left is a vague hope you’ll get back your collateral.
Now you can use DefiLoans. Your crypto assets will be securely locked with cryptocurrencies native scripts.

Code with an open-source.

Trust but cut the cards. All the protocol’s contract codes and balances are open. You can check them at any moment.


Use your current crypto-assets as a collateral. Then you can borrow stablecoins as a loan.


Get dividends from depositing your stablecoins on our platform and providing them as loans for other users.


We strive to create and maintain a stably working protocol.

Choose the loan price and duration and the amount of the cryptocurrencies you want to give as a collateral.

Step 1

Select the terms for the loan

Lock your collateral cryptos in a Ledger hardware wallet using escrow script.

Step 2

Send your crypto assets as a collateral

Your chosen stablecoins will go directly to your wallet. You can use it whenever you want.

Step 3

Get your stablecoins

Best audit.

We use the best Ethereum smart contracts and cryptocurrencies scripts. To guarantee this, we used Quantstamp and ConsenSys Diligence for the audit. Check it yourself!

Transparent finance.

No need to worry who’s holding your crypto. Check your crypto assets on-chain whenever you want while using the loan.
No need to send your passport photo and selfie stuff. A stable internet connection is enough.


Transparent assets.

No need to install the app to use cryptos.
Get a crypto-backed loan. Anytime, Anywhere, in a minute.
Control your crypto finances. Join the DeFi to your crypto.